The start of my limousine blog

This will be an ongoing blog that i will try to keep up with that will really keep you in touch with the limo world.  There are many new limo sites going up, many new businesses going up and tons of vehicles being made.  From here i will try to outline what most of you want to know about keeping up with limousines.

My recent venture into limousines came when i least expected it.  I met a guy on the internet who said he had a limo company out of eugene oregon.  He only had one limo but was telling me how much money he made each month.  His friend also has a similar limo service in charleston which can be found at click here .  His limo was cool, but only one limo?  He explained to me the costs and everything and we talked about how much money could be made on one of these limos.  I’ll show a picture of his type of limo below.

Wedding Limousine

We started talking and he really got me into potentially buying some vehicles.  He pointed me towards a few friends that have such limos.  He stated it’s hard competition if you try to get into a city that had things like uber and lyft.  These car services make it difficulty for many of the limo businesses to survive.  These cars, even if two are taken are much less than a limousine if used just for short term.  in larger cities, unless you are traveling from out of town it just doens’t make sense to use limos for transportation.   In addition to his limo site click here, he says there aren’t many other times he wouldn’t reccomend a limo except for the sake of those big cities we talked about.  So these are the advantages and disadvantages of limos in certain cities.  In my next blog post i will talk more about the different types of limousines that we use to try to facilitate different size parties and such.